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Dapoer Ma-Less (Makanan Less Calories) is a catering business that offers healthy, less-calorie foods. Dapoer Ma-Less is here to be a solution for working-moms who have children aged 5-12 years with obesity problems, and want to get their children’s ideal weight by balancing healthy food patterns.

Logo Ideas

Pan – symbolizes as food / nutrition that needs to be guarded by hands.
Hugging the pan – interpreted as a form of Dapoer Maless’s concern for helping mothers maintain the
nutritional content of children.
Color Theme – Green depicts natural, organic and healthy food (AWG Sales Service, 2016).

Landing Page

Our main goal is to get web visitors from advertising to fill out registration forms and turn them into leads. We use leadpages for making landing pages

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ATF (Above the Fold)

Below the Fold

USP – Describes the products & services we provide, among others:

  • Low calorie
  • Supervised by a nutritionist
  • Varied menu
  • Flexible delivery

Product/Services – There are food menu packages and food recommendation menus. The product offered is in the form of a choice of food subscription packages, in essence, there are two choices, namely:

  • Ma-Loss Weekly
  • Ma-Loss Monthly

As well as several food category options:

  • Indonesian Food
  • Western Food
  • Japanese Food

Call To Action – Remind us of our offers.


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